Somizi receives R9 000 from a secret admirer

Somizi receives R9 000 from a secret admirer

Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung might just have a secret admirer as he’s being showered with cash. The entertainer revealed that he may need mistakenly got sent e-wallets worth R9000 but wanted to return it back because it may need been an error .

But his followers weren’t convinced that he mistakenly got sent such a lot money especially after mentioning that it had been sent via e-wallet. Tweeps called him out saying he’s lying for because FNB’s e-wallet services have a maximum limit of R3000 per day. another banks have cash sending option which are restricted to R5000 per day.

“Lies… Max ewallet is R3000… Unless from 3 strangers or the stranger sent it from 3 banking apps… Susbhanxa (stop deceiving us),” a tweep wrote.

Somgaga tried to prove that he did indeed receive the cash by providing screenshots of the transactions as a sort of a clap back to the naysayers.

“Everytime you are feeling like Lying to Country remember you’re tweeting amongst Educated people. Some have LLB ..LLM..and another LLB. Remember you’re lying amongst Bankers …But Kee since anything is feasible kuwe and husband we believe you,” another tweep wrote.

“This why I’m glad I’ve not educated coz I’d sometimes say dumb things like this….but ke let me prove you wrong ne LLB yakho,” clapped back Somgaga as he provided proof. consistent with Somizi the cash was divided into three parts where the person sent R3000 for 3 days, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

Somgaga is understood for flexing on the web because he has worked hard for the items he brags about. this is often not the primary time he was called out for doing such.

Last month, he made a poor people joke which didn’t land well with most of the people . watching his wealth status he got called out for creating fun of individuals who are unemployed or not as wealthy as he’s .

Whilst on a vacation together with his husband Mohale Motaung and friends, he made a ‘poor people’ joke which triggered many, considering the percentage within the country.

In a video of he and husband Mohale Motaung-Mhlongo on vacation in KwaZulu-Natal at a nature reserve in Ematendeni, Somizi are often heard mocking his friends and describing them as poor.

Standing at the highest of the playhouse , Somizi looked down at his friends and jokingly screamed “hello poor people.”

Defending himself, he told people to heal, “Are you therein video? Are you one among my friends down there who aren’t offended by the joke? Why are you personalizing this? Heal, please. What and who you’re has nothing to try to to with me,” Somizi answered.