Somizi praises his daughter’s acting skills

Somizi praises his daughter’s acting skills

Somizi praises his daughter's acting skills
Somizi praises his daughter’s acting skills

Media temperament Somizi Mhlongo may be a proud father. He shared a video of his female offspring Bahumi showing off her acting skills.

“My college fees don’t seem to be reaching to waste at AFDA ( in kelly Khumalo’s voice) coz wow expensive female offspring u killed this….80% natural,” wrote Somizi.

He additionally further, “AFDA to guard yoself from Twitter trolls United Nations agency say nywe nywe some ppl study for acting yer u get roles coz of connections…anyway asikho lapho…AFDA yo harness the talent @bahumi777.”

The video left fans and different celebrities singing praises and applauding Bahumi for her stellar performance.

Here square measure some reactions. triumph singer Kelly Khumalo same the globe isn’t prepared for Bahumi.

“This ought to be a proud moment of you cuz your greatest accomplishment…the world isn’t prepared.”

Lindeka additionally wrote: “Your female offspring is following granny’s footsteps… Your mammy was a king thespian to not mention your papa wow.”

Meanwhile, Somizi has reportedly scored a replacement gig on Moja Love and he has been motion-picture photography each day on the channel consistent with Daily Sun sources.

“He is on set each day shooting and having an excellent time however it’s intense. He are shooting nearly each day for future 3 weeks,” Daily Sun quoted the supply.

Somizi lost some gigs as well as his job as associate Idols reserves choose once audio clips of his alienated husband Mohale Motaung got leaked. within the audio, Mohale detached regarding the abuse he suffered in his relationship with Somizi. browse More: Mzansi afraid By Allegations created Against Somizi.

However, Somizi denied the allegations saying: “Our relationship has its ups and downs however I even have ne’er been physically or wittingly showing emotion abusive towards my alienated husband. I vehemently deny the allegations of criminal acts towards him and would love to clear my name of that defamation. What i’m reaching to state but is that we have a tendency to had one words within which I had to defend myself and each people were physically hurt by the opposite. i’m at this stage not at liberty to dive deeper into the main points however will state that he’s not a victim during this state of affairs.”

Meanwhile, Mohale maintains that he suffered abuse, “I did indeed expertise abuse at the hands of my alienated husband each physical and psychological. it’s not my want to seesaw my expertise against his as he solely has his conscience to reckon with,” he same in his recent statement.

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