Somizi praised for ancestral beliefs, Isn’t he a Christian?

Somizi praised for ancestral beliefs, Isn’t he a Christian?

Somizi praised for ancestral beliefs, Isn't he a Christian?
Somizi praised for ancestral beliefs, Isn’t he a Christian?

Still, you also ca n’t deny that he’s veritably controversial, If you know and love Somizi Mhlongo. In fact, it’s presumably why you came to know and love him in the first place. He has made captions multiple times for different reasons. But there’s no crowd that lands him in the captions further than the Christian crowd.

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Now, Somizi has made some controversial statements that would have rubbed the church wrong. In a videotape he participated on Instagram, the actor was speaking at his food stint, called Eat Love Supplicate With Somizi. He said he regularly communes with ancestors. He explained that there’s a difference between his deification of God and his acknowledgement of his ancestors, and defended that yes, the two are compatible.

He called out the common belief that ancestral veneration is innately dark, and prompted his listeners to remember our African roots and religious customs. He indeed drew parallels between the practice of traditional African persuasions and other world persuasions like Hinduism, that are less demonized.

Watching the videotape, one would have anticipated that he’d admit a lot of counterreaction, particularly from the church, especially for suggesting that what he was sermonizing can still be compatible with the Christian religion. Still, unexpectedly, except for a many social media druggies in his commentary section, his communication was rather well entered.

Suckers have swamped his commentary to hail his suggestions. Numerous consider him stalwart for bringing up the indispensable opinion, and others indeed agree that Africans should embrace their traditional beliefs and find a way to blend the life into their present persuasions.

Somizi has been making big moves in his career. His Eat Love Supplicate stint just had its first stop, and it was a huge success, graced by his pious sympathizers, including songster Kelly Khumalo, with whom he’s veritably close musketeers. He has a long, successful career ahead of him. He’s also veritably influential, and it’s great that he’s using his influence to encourage indispensable points of view from his suckers and followers. He seems to have attained inner peace, which is all we really want.

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