Somizi opens up after losing it all

Somizi opens up after losing it all

Somizi opens up after losing it all
Somizi opens up after losing it all

To all the sermons preached this Easter weekend, Somizi wants to feature a lesson from his own life about not abandoning .

Somizi, who has been open about his tale of beginning stronger after losing it all, recently shared with Metro FM listeners how he was at his lowest but never gave up.

The star recounted how he once auditioned for the South African Music Awards (Samas) ceremony but smudged his audition brief within the taxi on the thanks to the venue.

“I ended up doing the lines from my head and didn’t catch on. But you recognize what? subsequent year I choreographed the Samas, and hosted it for 3 years then .”

He added that those doors wouldn’t have opened for him if he had given up at the primary hurdle.

He also shared how he was tasked with choreographing the opening and shutting ceremonies of the Fifa World Cup in 2010 but didn’t have a computer, which was normally used, to plan it out.

“I refused to offer up. I did it with my very own hands, the formation, and that they came out. To date, we’ve had the simplest opening and shutting ceremony. That, for me, says that anything is feasible, nothing can stop you if you’ve got a vision. Nothing.”

Somizi reflected on the impact the event had on him during a post last year, saying creative organizer Lebo M gave him an attempt that changed his life.

“Something that tons of individuals don’t know is that today changed my life for the higher. It resurrected my spirit, my career, and my self-esteem. Before today I used to be counted down and out by some until this man (Lebo M) saw something I had completely buried.

“I had given abreast of ever choreographing anything when he called me and said, ‘Somizi I might such as you to be the top choreographer for the Fifa World Cup opening and shutting ceremony, and that I know you’ll do it.”

The star has gone on to cement himself together of the foremost successful celebs in Mzansi, scoring a cooking chat show, shoe deals, and launching a cookbook; all within the last year.

He recently hinted at opening his own restaurant, sharing a video on Instagram of him seemingly browsing designs for the venue.

Somizi has often tried to inspire his fans through his social media pages.
Earlier this year he shared how he once had and “lost it all” and urged his followers to “keep knocking or build your own door”.

“Onendlebe uzongizwa: whoever has ears will hear me. I once had it all, lost it all. I grew up poor also, and now I’m not. The moral of the story: exerting, believe, have faith; stop complaining, keep knocking or build your own door. No excuses, pray,” tweeted the star.