Somizi Mhlongo dominates Namibia

Somizi Mhlongo dominates Namibia

Somizi Mhlongo dominates Namibia
Somizi Mhlongo dominates Namibia

Reality show star Somizi Mhlongo really knows how to slay. He’s all about that‘another day and another palm life.’After being banned from attending an event in Zimbabwe, Somizi landed a gig in Namibia, proving that no bone can shroud his light.

Taking to his Instagram account, he could n’t contain his excitement after entering the booking from the Land of the Brave. Somizi participated a videotape of him entering a warm event from Namibians at an event where DJ Maphorisa and Kabza Da Small were reserved to perform.
History, social media druggies were outraged by Somgaga’s ban in Zimbabwe. The reality show star was supposed to blazon Zimbabweans with his presence at the sanctioned re opening of the upmarket Garwe Restaurant in Harare on November 4 as a celebrity guest cook.

Due to exposure he was banned from entering the country after the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe wrote a letter to the President’s Office, to stop him from attending the function.
“ Somizi is ahomos.e.xual, hence according to our people’s driven constitution, Zimbabwe does n’t tolerate homosexuality. It’s thus our question, if we allow Somizi to come to our land, spiritually we’d have disturbed a lot, and physically we’d have openly accepted homosexuality in Zimbabwe hence affecting our children,” said the council in a statement.

“ This move will also affect our revolutionary party Zanu-PF by disturbing the five million votes win demanded in the coming 2023 harmonised choices for it’s intimately known that our party explosively stands against homosexuality,” reads the statement.

Following the saga a furious Somizi took to his social media to slam the council. He said homophobia and racism are the same and told them to keep their country if they do n’t want him as authentic as he is.

Still, genuinely me, keep it, “ If it means you not wanting me being me.

Somizi explained that the news was n’t all that surprising, as he’d seen the signs of the event organizers backing out indeed before. “ This isn’t the first time this has happed to me. I ’m OK with it but I ’m not OK with it at the same time,” he continued.

He said he’d not stop championing for the speechless and sympathized with those who are part of the LGBTQI community in Zimbabwe but can not embrace their fornication due to fears of being victimized.

“ I’ll not stop speaking on behalf of the speechless and on behalf of those who can not speak for themselves. I’ll endorse for that and if it means I should die for it, so be it. But it sad, veritably sad and I hope effects get better,” he said.

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