Officialy Somizi drags Mohale to the Supreme Court after the ugliness increased

Somizi drags Mohale to the Supreme Court after the ugliness increased

Somizi drags Mohale
Somizi drags Mohale

It ne’er rains however pours for Mohale Motaung as Somizi Mhlongo turns to the court to serve justice in their much-talked-about relying divorce. In recent months their divorce has been dupped because the Mohale heist once the celebrated media temperament equal with Idols SA decide Somizi barely a year once their vibrant wedding.

The once match created all types of headlines once Mohale born daring allegations that Somizi physically abused him on many occasions. to form it worse, he conjointly unconcealed that at some purpose, he saw his ribs being broken and being vulnerable by a room knife once Somizi lost his cool.

In the mixture of the allegations, Somizi saw himself being off and losing his diplomatist gigs with huge brands like Bathu. Despite their divorce creating all types of headlines in recent months, it looks as if it’s taken another twist.

Rumour mill has it that Mohale Motaung is pleading with Somizi to not take their case to the court however instead decide on mediation rather than going head-on in court. little question it’s quick become one among those typical reality shows from Moja Love.
Officialy Somizi drags Mohale to the Supreme Court after the ugliness increased 3

If the divorce case goes to trial, a confrontation is predicted, and things would possibly flip ugly for Mohale on balance. shut sources have it that Somizi Mhlongo has counter-accusations against Mohale. However, from the planning of things, Mohale may need allegedly abused Somizi. It looks as if mediation are during a bid to avoid Somizi giving his narrative to the courts.

However, despite Somizi’s disposition to share their estate, they determined to show to the courts once Motaung’s conceitedness. Somizi refused mediation once failing to fulfill Motaung’s demands. Also, Motaung’s refusal to interact the sheriff’s workplace worsened true.

Mohale has it that he doesn’t need something from the estate however his garments and automotive, that Somizi broken within the mixture of things. On the opposite hand, Somizi needs division of the estate and is quite willing to allow Mohale his equal share.

Mohale’s refusal to require the come to the courts has Mzansi talking. Despite taking part in the victim, Mzansi looks to be quite convinced that Mohale may need conjointly abused Somizi and fears that his dirty linen may well be split within the courts.

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