Somizi Attacked after making fun of poor people

Somizi Attacked after making fun of poor people

Surely social media streets are for those with thick skins, especially our celebrities who undergo criticism almost on a daily basis!

The lifetime of a star needs careful treading and Somizi Mhlongo has just felt the brunt of Tweeps vengeance after he reportedly bullied a tweep. What followed was an ambush on Somizi as he was taken back to the times he was struggling.

The drama started off when Somizi posted a photograph together with his ally Vusi Nova and captioned it “Just tool”. Roughly translated, it mean “Just keep quiet”. Fair enough. Right? Wrong!! Everything went downhill for Somizi after a user commented ” UVusi Udlalela yiphi team “. The statement mentioned Vusi s.e.xual preference.

Somizi, rather than answering the questions decided to travel for the askers monetary status and told him that he would answer the question if the solution helped his POOR bank balance.

This not go down well with Tweeps who reminded Somizi that he also wont to be poor. Tweeps even went further to prove their case and posted some photos of Somizi before the cash and he looked “poor”.

Many people cautioned Somizi and warned him to not look down on people . He was quickly labelled a bully.