Somhale divorce update: Shauwn Mkhize helps Somizi defeat Mohale

Somhale divorce update: Shauwn Mkhize helps Somizi defeat Mohale

Somhale divorce update
Somhale divorce update

South African media temperament, Somizi Mhlongo, and Mohale Motaung’s divorce unsettlement has taken center stage on his reality show, Living The Dream with Somizi. he’s seeking facilitate from relevant parties to help him with the customary wedding problems he’s facing.

In the latest episode of Living The Dream, Somizi actively gets Shauwn Mkhize to assist him handle problems. even supposing Somizi’s issues appear to bring together, he still enjoys a vacation to city however Shauwn warned him that they need additional pressing problems to attend to and partying will wait.

In the latest episode, Shauwn and Somizi converge at a well-liked shisanyama in Umlazi, port known as Max’s life-style and that they discuss 2 of his most pressing problems, his divorce, and also the respiratory illness issue.

“We have one thing vital to mend, however you’re busy doing all your makeup and attending parties. Parties will wait. What concerning this vital thing?” aforementioned Shauwn to the Idols Storm Troops choose.
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The two then came upon a gathering for the subsequent weekday and Somizi says he’s prepared with the work.

“Can I come back on weekday? On Monday I’ll bring the documents and everything. Let’s jazz on weekday, please?” he asked Shauwn Somizi had simply landed in port, following his trip to city.

Speaking to the camera, Somizi says Shauwn is of nice facilitate to him, particularly along with his ‘divorce unsettlement’, “We were discussing however we’d like to mend my issue with the lawyers and respiratory illness and stuff. She’s extremely serving to American state plenty in terms of my divorce settlement… or unsettlement rather,” he said.
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He even jokingly asked Andile Mpisane, Shauwn’s son for R5 million to assist settle his taxes.

In the previous episode, Shauwn secure to assist Somizi along with his problems as well as the respiratory illness issue as Shauwn had long-faced it before.

“I would like you to attach American state to the person… your tax professional. as a result of they’re once American state currently,” Somizi told Shauwn.

Shauwn sent her lawyers to Somizi, “Are they conjointly once you? i’ll send it to you quick and furious. in order that they cotton on it whereas you’re there in city.”

Somizi explained why he asked Shauwn for facilitate and it’s as a result of her own expertise with such matters.

“I simply got a letter from my ex’s lawyers. So, I conjointly would like a lawyer. The person to talk to straight away is Shauwn as a result of i believe she’s been through each things and she’s used superb lawyers,” he said.
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After the episode airy, publications known the $64000 reason Somizi asked Shauwn for facilitate. it’s as a result of he’s reportedly in hassle with respiratory illness. in line with Sunday World, Somizi owes R3.5 million in taxes that originate 2014.

To help get hold of this debt, a couple of of his luxury things were auctioned. These are: “A Samsung washer, a white sculpture (Guman Head), lupus Creuset bowl, 3 plastic bar chairs, 2 red human statues, a Hisense receiver with a foreign, a smeg dishwasher, 2 brass painted occasional tables, one Carrol Boyes knife set with stand, a Carrol Boyes bowl, 5 numerous lupus Creuset pots, a Gold producer gas heater, a DeLonghi kerosine heater, a Samsung electric refrigerator, a silver room bowl, 3 glass vases, eight cushions, a sleeper couch, a wood TV stand with drawers, feeding chairs and a table and knife set with stand.”

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