#SkeemSaam: Meikie Maputla’s plan backfires

#SkeemSaam: Meikie Maputla’s plan backfires

#SkeemSaam: Meikie Maputla’s plan backfires
#SkeemSaam: Meikie Maputla’s plan backfires

Effects aren’t looking good for Skeem Saam’s Meikie Maputla.

Despite setting a well- master-inclined plan to stay out of captivity, it seems everything is working against her.
The testaments against her, on how she hovered the lives of the Seakamelas, are veritably strong and could land her behind bars for a while.

But besides the drama on the soapies, that always has us on the edge of our seats, we also have to hail Skeem Saam for continuing to shine a light on societal issues.
It seems like Television directors and pens have plant a pot of gold in raising important issues through edutainment.

Melita’s plot hits home for numerous South Africans as they’re hopeless for employment, and would go to any lengths for it.
This may indeed mean intentionally paying scammers with their last cent, only to have their expedients short-lived and going back to square one – being unemployed.

The show is doing a great job of raising mindfulness against job swindles.
On Uzalo, justice has eventually prevailed for Nosipho, who was abused by her swain Njeza. He was eventually arrested.

Let’s stopgap this is a assignment to people that abusing someone differently is noway the result, as Njeza now hates the man he has come. But, tone- hate is nothing compared to the pain Nosipho went through. It’ll be intriguing to see if he ’ll get a harsh judgment or not.

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