Skeem Saam Star Cornet Mamabolo talks about having an intimate relationship with MOGAU

Skeem Saam Star Cornet Mamabolo talks about having an intimate relationship with MOGAU

Skeem Saam Star Cornet Mamabolo
Skeem Saam Star Cornet Mamabolo

Skeem Saam star Cornet Mamabolo was a guest on the recent episode of Podcast And Chil with Mac G. During the sitdown, he was asked what proportion he gets paid on Skeem Saam and if he’s had an intimate relationship with Mogau who plays Mmapitsi.

“How much were you get paid on Skeem Saam? He seems like a 30 kinda guy neh?” Asked Mac G and Cornet responded and said that it might not maintain his lifestyle which gave us the impression that he earns far more .

“Have you and Mmapitsi smashed offset?” Asked an audience member.

“No-no-no. we’ve never. I don’t believe chowing stock. We respect one another thereon level. I’m just that one guy (let’s say me and Mmapitsi re a jana on the side and things go sour). I mean how easy is it getting to be for us to play those scenes. that basically need us to be all lovey-dovey and nice. So I try to not go that route.” Explained Cornet.

“Mara ne o mo galla neh?” Asked Mac G. “Uhm, she is gorgeous ,” responded the actor.

Mamabolo announced his departure from Skeem Saam in September following his last episode. He thanked all the viewers for his or her continued support.

“This is my official break from your screens as Tbose Maputla … thanks for all the support you’ve got shown me over the years, I mean I literally matured to be the person I’m today before your eyes.”

He added that although he’s leaving, this is often not the ultimate goodbye. He are going to be taking the time faraway from the screen to specialise in his financial services business,

“This may be a break on behalf of me to primarily specialise in my insurance business; Digni Financial Services @dignifinancialservices. Thanks, Sis Winnie, SABC, cast & Crew for carrying me over the years. Till we meet again.”

A statement from the drama said that he are going to be taking a while faraway from acting to specialise in his personal interests. His role will continue upon his return,

“From the 14th of September 2021, Cornet Mamabolo are going to be taking an opportunity from Skeem Saam to specialise in his interests. His decision comes at a time where he intends on making his insurance firm the priority during his interval. “I are consistent in giving my fans pieces of myself through ThaboMaputla’s role and that i will still do so once I return,” he says. “But for now, I appreciate being given the chance to specialise in what is going to make me grow further as an entrepreneur.”

A fan on the Podcast And Chill episode we touched on earlier asked the actor why he left a good-paying job to pursue a business that everybody is in. The actor says that he had to prioritise his business while he’s still at his prime to avoid things like mismanagement that would hurt him within the future.

“So nna ke bereka ka di tshele tsa batho. you recognize the business calls you. It says to you, you’ve been trying to balance your life. Trying to follow passion which is arts. You’ve tried to, therein process establish a business. And business calls you and says ey brother, i want you. i want your attention and that i think that’s where i’m and that’s where my business is at now .

‘To really provides it attention and not allow the cracks to be so big and only determine later that there’s mismanagement of funds and you could’ve given your business the touch earlier. Because as we age we lose energy and touch and creativity also . i feel I’m at my prime immediately in terms of thinking and innovation. For me, it’s quite important to offer that to my business. And I’m not leaving the humanities . It’s like give business priority and if I happen to try to to an acting role elsewhere – it must be the conditions that basically favour what you’ve got established.” Responded the actor.

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