Skeem Saam actress Rachel Kunutu speaks on her role

Skeem Saam actress Rachel Kunutu speaks on her role

SHE’S been known as a gold-burrowing kill sovereign. Yet, there’s something else entirely to Skeem Saam’s Rachel Kunutu than that, on-screen character Lesego Marakalla accepts. She has a mind and she’s not hesitant to utilize it, she says.

Lesego has recently returned to set after a drawn out nonappearance because of the lockdown. She had been back for a month or so when the coronavirus pandemic constrained the nation into an absolute shutdown.

NOT A Dunce

“They for the most part offer us a reprieve in the wake of shooting a depleting storyline. So after the wedding, I was given some break.

“I think many individuals misconstrue Rachel since she is a kill sovereign, however she has a cerebrum underneath all that. That is the reason she doesn’t care for it when Marothi [her on-screen spouse played by Macks Papo] treats her like a trophy wife who doesn’t have anything to state. She appreciates the advantages and cash that accompanies being his significant other, yet he dare not treat her like an airhead,” Lesego says.

Since wedding Marothi, Rachel presently has a reward girl in Nakedi (Mathapelo Mokgolo). Very little more established than the young person, Rachel needs to explore being a moment mom.

“She overcompensates by getting her things so Nakedi can cherish her. It is trying for her to be in that position since she has never brought up a kid. Be that as it may, she is resolved to demonstrate a point.”

Watchers can expect more show as Lesego says there will be ups and down in Rachel and Nakedi’s relationship. Things will be somewhat unique in the family unit.

Skeem Saam affirmed that Rachel and Marothi will never again be shot in bed together. “The scenes that are shot during this time are deliberately picked – no scenes where the cast are required to embrace or contact,” Skeem Saam representative Sumaya Mogola told The Sowetan.

Medical caretaker RACHEL

Rachel has now qualified as a medical caretaker and has begun working at the Turfloop Emergency clinic where her mom works.

Lesego says the youthful medical attendant will experience hiccups like every other person does when they start a new position, however she will be okay. “In her heart she wishes she had tuned in to her dad and turned into a specialist, however she is resolved to make this nursing thing work. Being at a similar clinic as her mom is depleting for her, yet there will be a moment that they discover a method of being respectful.”


She’s a conventional person who simply happens to have work on television, so she never discusses her private life.

She doesn’t consider herself a big name, she’s an entertainer, she lets us know. “There is nothing extraordinary about being on television, as I would see it, it is only a standard activity. The main contrast is that a large number of individuals get the opportunity to see you carrying out your responsibility.”

She snickers and plays hesitant when inquired as to whether she is in relationship. “However, I just said I don’t care for discussing my private life. Be that as it may, no, I am not seeing anybody.”

She says she is in no way like Rachel and the main likeness she can consider is that the two of them lost their dads when they were youngsters. “I was raised by a single parent after my father kicked the bucket, much the same as Rachel, yet that is it. I appreciate playing her. She challenges me in light of the fact that our characters are unique. I am a basic individual.”