SJAVA Talks About HIS VIRAL ‘3 WIVES’, He Revals Who The Women Are

SJAVA Talks About HIS VIRAL ‘3 WIVES’, He Revals Who The Women Are


Jabulani Hadebe, popularly referred to as Sjava, has thanked his loyal following for the success of his EP Umsebenzi.

Umsebenzi may be a four-track EP discharged in December 2020 to a lot of success. Sjava told The subject he additional some additional songs to give thanks his fans whereas he’s employed on the album. He says he isn’t positive once the album are prepared.

In Umsebenzi, the gold deluxe options proficient songster Ami Faku.

“I love operating with Ami Faku such a lot, we’ve been engaged on several songs for a year currently. i’m not someone WHO simply releases new music. I will have sessions to ambience with the creator for a protracted amount of your time however whenever with [Faku], it continually works out well.”

Sjava’s name has been within the spotlight owing to the general public drama with former partner girl Zamar. The songster alleged among alternative things that Sjava raped her. The case was later thrown out of court as a result of the facts or proof the NPA had gathered failed to support a eminent prosecution of the alleged rape.

His career still took a success, as he was blocked from events and plenty of acting and music gigs.

Sjava says his comeback is for the folks and not for the trade.
SJAVA Talks About HIS VIRAL ‘3 WIVES’, He Revals Who The Women Are 5
“I don’t care what the trade says, whether or not i’m best on the charts or the awards. It’s sensible to urge the popularity as a result of it’s a bonus as a result of my music has ne’er been ‘industry music’. I even have been moving the means I move and that i can keep moving forward.”

He additionally place to rest the infectious agent story that had everybody basic cognitive process he has 3 wives. Sjava denote photos of 3 ladies WHO he tagged his “wives” on Twitter and Instagram.

“It’s not true, I really don’t have a woman. Those ladies are corroborative since the beginning of my career. i used to be simply showing appreciation for them and a few of them I do understand and that i have met them before.”

When ironed if he’s married, Sjava responded “no ways” and aforesaid that individuals can understand once he’s married as a result of his wedding are large and therefore the utter the city.

The creator has won four South African Music Awards (Samas) and multiple alternative music awards and has found playing recently in lightweight of the pandemic far better.

“So many folks are affected, if [we] as artists area unit affected imagine folks outside our trade.”

He adds that he hasn’t received any relief grant from the department of arts, culture, and sport to the present day.

Sjava has straightforward recommendation for coming musicians WHO need to follow in his footsteps: “If you’ll be able to record your music simply place it out. we tend to area unit therein at once, take full advantage of the net.”

Umsebenzi is on the market on all digital music platforms

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