Siv Ngesi’s latest social media post has Mzansi offended

Siv Ngesi’s latest social media post has Mzansi offended

Siv Ngesi
Siv Ngesi

A runaway fireplace is raging through elements of urban center and one in all the affected buildings is that the University of Cape Town’s Michael Philip Jagger Library, a historic library that command plenty South African literature.

While the fireplace has prompted various individuals to wish for the city’s recovery, a couple of others square measure “celebrating” the tragedy.

Actor and television temperament Siv Ngesi took to Twitter to decision out such individuals, labelling them as “blind and stupid” in one tweet and “idiots” in another.

He additionally announce a brief video on his Instagram page that showed a horse kicking a goose. He captioned the video: “What should happen to any or all those celebrating and politicising the #CapeTownfire (relax the animal is fine).”

The video left several of his fans displeased.

They announce comments locution that the video was worrying and it had been not like Ngesi to post one thing like that.

“I’m still aghast that you just would post a video like this on your Instagram? If you see such a big amount of those who aren’t cool with this video why keep it up? The ”relax the animal is fine“ doesn’t stop it from being in pain and worrying to look at. That goose is certainly not fine,” aforementioned Matthew JamesChristopher Harold Lloyd.

While theofficialjamielee said: “This is AN awful video, I doubt considerably it’s fine 😢 a kick like that with a shoe (horse is sporting steel shoes) not your usual post … 😢 however believe your sentiment … simply not this video clip”.

Among people who commented was role player and businessperson Pearl Thusi, United Nations agency said: “Does posting this video modification whether or not or not the duck is fine? individuals square measure weird.”

Petty Instagram users came for Thusi, informing her that the animal was a goose, not a duck.

Thusi responded: “@dangerous_to_your_health my purpose remains. But thanks.”