Siv Ngesi and Coconut Kelz starring on Showmax

Siv Ngesi and Coconut Kelz starring on Showmax

It’s another huge gig for Coconut Kelz and television temperament, Siv Ngesi. Sive Ngesi and Coconut Kelz can star in Showmax ‘Tali’s Baby Diary.

Coconut Kelz, a personality created by comedian/satirist Lesego Tlhabi, can feature within the new season of the Showmax original series ‘Tali’s Baby Diary’.

Siv Ngesi will star within the same series. Tali’s Baby Diary is that the title of season a pair of of ‘Tali’s Wedding Diary’.

Lesgo Thlabi may be a content creator whose role as Coconut Kelz has taken her to the highest. along with her YouTube channel, Lesego possesses herself quite the subsequent and create her mark along with her friend, Coconut Kelz. The humorist is additionally a part of Trending SA’s new presenter list aboard Loot Love, Mo Flava and MaBlerh.

Siv Ngesi may be a South African actor, a three time SAFTA award winning presenter. Sivuyile Ngesi has been on our screens for over a decade. The actor featured in Redemption, in 2008 as Thomas. He conjointly featured united of Glory in 2010 as Emperor Sigcau furthermore as Mzansi Magic’s S.I.E.S. as Social Impact and direction Strategy worker Ike Molefe. He has conjointly featured in World Unseen, Zeenon Z3 , Schweitzer , Invictus and Long Walk To Freedom. His pedsonality has conjointly created him a selection favorite as AN MHz and host.

Siv earlier this year created headlines for going drag for the #bussitchallenge as he created a retardant character, Sivana. on the far side nd the challenge, Siv has continuing to try to to photoshoots with the character and publish additional regarding her.

“I’ve forever favorite drag. I’ve forever wished to urge concerned in drag. I watch a great deal of content that’s drag. Last year, I vie during a rugger team that was additional gay men – i used to be thusle} straight one – so I’ve forever wished to be concerned in it. i really like grappling things that don’t match into the establishment. Am I doing it for reactions? No, I wished to try to to drag. i really like drag and that i love pole diversion. If it’s dynamical the establishment then therefore be it, however it’s not my goal. I’m AN actor. Transformation may be a a part of what I do. once you play a personality, you ne’er decide the character. you simply ought to be your character. I actually have to mention being a lady is uncomfortable. It’s difficult.”