Singer Takie Ndou and his wife are allegedly going their separate ways

Singer Takie Ndou and his wife are allegedly going their separate ways

Gospel singer Takie Ndou rubbished rumours that he and his married person Takalani Chairo have separated.

He admitted they were rummaging marital status issues, however same they were making an attempt to resolve them through their families and pastors.

“If I tell what you what’s happening, I’ll be revealing family matters that I don’t suppose is correct. But, nothing is final thus far, clearly like several alternative wedding you bear issues,” he said.

Christian activist male monarch Ashoms announce the news regarding the kid Ngisite singer’s wedding and other people on social media.

Takie same at the instant, he couldn’t ensure whether or not they were separated or not. “It’s not finalised however. I can’t say we’re separated and so you see U.S. along ensuing day. The matter being taken to social media has place pressure on U.S. and our families. We’re progressing to it and making an attempt to resolve it with urgency,” same Takie.

“Once the matter has been resolved, i will be able to go public and let folks understand if we’ve separated or not.” He same the accusations of cheating against him were nothing however rumours. “People area unit speculating and that they don’t have proof to prove their claims. There area unit alternative issues folks face in wedding.”

Takalani, however, said: “Yes, we’ve been separated for a year,” however refused to comment any.