Simphiwe Dana talks about Masechaba Ndlovu too is useless?

Simphiwe Dana talks about Masechaba Ndlovu too is useless?

Simphiwe Dana has slammed the Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture, Nathi Mthethwa saying he’s useless as a minister. This as artists are struggling to form ends meet ever since lockdown has started. She also took aim at his spokesperson Masechaba Ndlovu saying she too is useless.

When lockdown started, Nathi convened a sector meeting with the entertainers and that they discussed issues they might possibly face as a results of the lockdown.

Minister Nathi announced that he would be allocating R150 million to the world to supply much-needed relief. Since events were postponed, they’re going to create programs like live streams, to form sure that artists entertain their legions of fans during the lockdown period.

Many artists applied for the COVID-19 relief fund but many weren’t approved and were forced to seek out other means to survive.

Simphiwe Dana has never shied faraway from expressing her views on social media and making people catch the warmth . this point Nathi and his spokeswoman were on the firing line and Dana gave it to them straight.

“I’m finally understanding we’ve a useless minister of arts and culture! i attempted , because i really like him, and that i love you! But I owe you the reality . i do know what this suggests on behalf of me in government. I still wish they’re going to be kind.”

Simphiwe, because the breadwinner said she will now finally buy her bills after suffering months of not having the ability to organise gigs.

“For the primary time during a while, I pays for bills. You don’t know what it means to me. South Africa do better by your artists! this is often so embarrassing.

“I’m saying this because I’ve not been ready to pay my bills. I understand I’m a better tier artist! I’m just scared for the ones! And Whether they’re ok. i feel I’m lecture my government at now and posing for them to be kinder to us. We work, we don’t deserve this!”

“And then he got that useless spokesperson who just hates everyone. and that i still loved him through it all. I’m now done! I hope he knows that even this action is an act of love!”

Veteran actress Linda Sebezo shocked many when she revealed that she had to survive off of her mother’s pension money for bread.

“I just received an email that my application to the Basa relief fund has been declined because they need reached capacity. I ask again, sizolithaphi ke usizo?…I need to believe my mother’s pension to place food on the table, such a tragic reality,” she said during a Facebook post

“On the opposite hand I had to pay fees for my daughter who attends a personal institution and that i didn’t have money to buy her then.

“I exerting monthly to boost R40 000 to pay my bond, car, and faculty fees. All of a sudden everything got stuck. My heart was very heavy once I saw my mom buying bread for us,” she opened .