Simphiwe Dana Finally Shows Off Her Lesb!an Girlfriend

Simphiwe Dana Finally Shows Off Her Lesb!an Girlfriend

After beginning as gay recently, talented singer Simphiwe Dana finally took to social media to point out off her bae. the lady in question is Pumeza Matshikiza who is an opera singer.

She is signed to Decca Classics Records. Her debut album ‘Voice of Hope’ was released in 2014. Her second album ‘Arias’ was released in May 2016. She studied at the University of Cape Town and therefore the Royal College of Music.

She is 41 years old and hails for the Eastern Cape. The Bomako hitmaker amazed legion of her fans when she revealed that she may be a lesbian which she has been keeping this a secret for much too long. “I’ve been holding this in since forever. I’m gay,” she revealed.

Aware of the stigma that also plagues the African community, she tweeted that she is aware that she might get blocked. After tons of thinking, she finally realised that she is far happier with the key out.

I know beginning means Africa will block me. But, after tons of thinking, I’m comfortable with it. I’m marrying a lady , and I’ve never been happier,” she said, revealing the lady who has captured her heart.