Shut in with your abuser – when lockdown turns deadly

Shut in with your abuser – when lockdown turns deadly

Today thousands of South African women, children and men woke up terrified – and it has nothing to do with Covid-19. Being locked down with your partner and getting on each other’s nerves by day two is one thing – but there are people in our country who have just been isolated with their abuser.

Listen to the story:

Thankfully, there are still services running to get help to those experiencing domestic abuse. In today’s minisode, True Crime South Africa discusses this aspect of our new reality.

We also have several updates and new information about the murder of Tanya Flowerday (which we covered in Episode 23).

True Crime South Africa spoke to her friend and champion, Tammy Hardenberg-Bourgeois, who reveals interesting information about the case. We also discussed the possibility that Tanya’s murderer, Ronald Grimsley, could be released on parole.