Shock, who? Dineo Ranaka dances topless on yacht – Watch Video

Shock, who? Dineo Ranaka dances topless on yacht – Watch Video

Dineo Ranaka dances topless on yacht
Dineo Ranaka dances topless on yacht

Dating someone with a child can be a bit grueling, as other people are chancing it hard to accept their child’s mate. And for People who have kiddies it’s not that simple for them to find love more especially from people who do not have kiddies. As some people are hysterical of commitment and getting step-parent.

At first, when the South African well- known Dj Zintle got into a relationship effects started so snappily to the point that she indeed had a child Kairo who Is now 6 times with the well- known South African rapper AKA. DJ Zintle and Aka dated for over 3 times but broke up after Aka allegedly cheated on her with Bonang Matheba.
Shock, who? Dineo Ranaka dances topless on yacht – Watch Video 3
It was sad to watch Aka do that to Dj Zintle, it was unthinkable that Zintle will ever accept and admit love ever again after what happed to her. But like they say do not give up on love you noway know what God has in store for you.

Times latterly DJ Zintle opened her heart to be loved again and she plant that love as she’s now dating Bongz and they’ve a child together. Their relationship also started on a high note, but by the look of effects, the couple is in love with each other. Bongz has indeed intimately accepted Dj Zintle’s son as his own on Dj Zintle’s birthday with a sweet communication saying he appreciates Zintle as the mama of his children ❤ stylish present ever.

MC bongz took to his social media regard to appreciate his woman as she’s celebrating her happy birthday, yes we know that Bongz loves Dj Zintle but we did not know he loves her this important. Look what she wrote that melts people’s hearts.

This is one of the sweetest dispatches ever, we all earn to be loved and accepted what Bongz wrote is amazing anyex-boyfriend would be jealous to read this. DJ Zintle has been through a lot she deserves all the happiness in the world.

DJ Zintle is an illustration that no matter what happed in the history do not give up on love, one day someone will come and love you like Bongz loves Zintle.

Happy birthday, Zintle may you see numerous further times to come, enjoy your day with your family.

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