Shock: Lasizwe under fire for attacking Somizi and all gay people, you won’t believe what he said

Shock: Lasizwe under fire for attacking Somizi and all gay people, you won’t believe what he said

Social media are often unpredictable sometimes and Lasizwe can attest thereto. The star found himself within the firing line for comments he made about 10 years ago on homosexuality also as media personality Somizi Mhlongo.

Lasizwe is an open and proud homosexual who is usually in tune together with his feminine side. Did you see his breathtaking SAFTA red carpet outfit? He looked dazzling.

Hence the reaction when tweeps caught wind of his 2011 and 2013 tweets which insinuate that he was homophobic. Or a minimum of throwing shade – well, the entire tree at gay people.

“OMG there are numerous gay people on Twitter, also I feel sick, the photographs they post OMG, not that I’m against them,” he tweeted at the time.

Another tweet which was from 2011 sees a disgusted Lasizwe accusing Somizi of being a part of the Illuminati.

Despite what anybody might feel about these tweets and the way they view them, we cannot ignore the very fact that Lasizwe was actually a really young kid who wasn’t even famous at that point. The comedian was 13 years old and doubtless didn’t know any better.

This is not the primary time the YouTuber saw himself getting dragged for creating offensive statements. At that point, his sister Khanyi Mbau had to step in and defend her baby brother.

In 2019, Nomzamo Mbatha posed with an alleged abuser Arthur Mafokate after the entire Cici incident happened. Lasizwe then started retweeting tweets from people that defended Nomzamo Mbatha. He was then called all kinds of names but his sister came to his defense saying he’s just a toddler.

“He may be a child, when an adult calls him for an image it might be hard for him to decline! I don’t think he meant any harm but just being a toddler . it had been a flash of ignorance. Forgive him,” Khanyi said

Of course, people didn’t accept what she said because Lasizwe was 21 years old so he probably knew better at the time.

“Wait…. how old is that this child? Lasizwe may be a grown man and not some 5 years old. Don’t justify nonsense Khanyi. Your reasoning/excuse is really funny,” said one tweep.

“Insane? At 21? His peers are activists and doing big things and this he’s a child?” another questioned.

“Even children need to take responsibility for his or her actions, we raise them to be accountable adults, that argument of ‘he may be a child’ doesn’t stand up anymore sis.”

Here are a number of the reactions: