shock: ‘Instagram Millionaire’ Hamilton Ndlovu Reveals He’s Broke

‘Instagram Millionaire’ Hamilton Ndlovu Reveals He’s Broke

Hamilton Ndlovu
Hamilton Ndlovu

Extravagant socialite, Hamilton Ndlovu who shot to fame after posting pictures of his five SUVs on social media last year during the lockdown says he has lost his millions.

The ‘Instagram Millionaire’ pocketed R170 million, spent it on flashy cars, didn’t pay what he owed to Sars and the taxman took note of the series of videos he posted to his Instagram page.

He got the attentions of SARS as the cars had all been purchased within weeks of each other.

The businessman was able to purchase the cars after obtaining contracts worth a total of R172 million for the procurement of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) from the NHLS.
It is revealed that SARS investigated Hamilton and ordered him to pay R36. 84 million, of which R23,341,292 was only due in 2021
shock: ‘Instagram Millionaire’ Hamilton Ndlovu Reveals He’s Broke 3
The Special Investigating Unit’s (SIU) statement reads as follows:

“The transactions were obtained by abusing the emergency procurement procedures that were adopted by the NHLS in order to respond to the COVID-19 disaster during the first half of 2020 – Ndlovu and other respondents are prohibited from dealing in any manner with the funds and properties, including selling or transferring the properties.”

The Special Tribunal Unit of South Africa has informed him to comply with their directives and his lawyers have revealed that he’s flat broke and is now ‘out of funds’ to fight the multi-million-rand lawsuit.

The Johannesburg businessman says that most of his money was shared with his family members and the funds were spent freely in the past year.

Here were some reactions on Twitter:
Once you breakthrough financially, you have one job to do: Eat in silence

I don’t normally see this happening to white people. Are we the targets or we’re just careless and irresponsible

The lesson here is, please make sure your tax matters are in order before splurging on luxury stuff and bragging about it on social media. It is easy for SARS to connect the dots.

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