Shock: Heartbroken Prophet Bushiri speaks on the death of his Daughter – VIDEO

Heartbroken Prophet Bushiri speaks on the death of his Daughter – VIDEO

Self-proclaimed prophet Shepherd Bushiri has damn the Kenyan authorities when the announcement of his female offspring Israella Bushiri’s death.

Earlier this month Bushiri aforesaid his female offspring was battling a respiratory organ infection in associate covert hospital. it had been later proclaimed her sickness had worsened and she or he was transferred to intensive care unit.

“It is with deep disappointment that I announce the passing on of my female offspring, Israella Bushiri. As a father, it had been my want to visualize her grow and serve the Lord, However, the need of God was for her to come back to Him,” he wrote on his Facebook page on Mon morning.

Announcing the death, Bushiri went on answerable authorities in Republic of Kenya, claiming Israeli was blocked from obtaining medical attention in time.

“She was blocked right at the airfield and she or he couldn’t have access to fast medical attention,” Bushiri aforesaid.

“It is unhappy to listen to the doctor’s report that if she had gone in earlier, she wouldn’t have died.”

“She became a victim of all the persecutions we’ve got been looking from African country but, we have a tendency to believe that if it had been God’s time and God’s can this was purported to happen during this approach God would decision anyone at any time at anywhere through any suggests that.”