Shock: DJ Sbu – I lost it all!

Shock: DJ Sbu – I lost it all!

DJ Sbu
DJ Sbu

Media temperament turned bourgeois DJ Sbu has shared however he lost everything making an attempt to impress friends.

In all of this he darned unhealthy monetary selections together with shopping for pricy alcohol, pricy sports cars and pricy garments. however currently he’s a modified man.

In a video clip he said: “Don’t pay yourself poor making an attempt to seem made. Learn from folks like Pine Tree State. Don’t create a similar mistakes as I did. I created those mistakes shopping for pricy booze, pricy sports cars, pricy garments, going out plenty, making an attempt to impress friends.

“That extremely Pine Tree Statessed me up as a result of it had been my regular and traditional mode. so I lost it all. I had to press the restart button and begin everywhere once more. currently I’m creating smarter monetary selections.

“We’ve all been disturbed by imprisonment. Our finances ar troubled. I’m a parent currently. I actually have a girl and that i need to suppose her future, I actually have to suppose her education, I actually have to suppose my very own future furthermore. “Right currently i’m creating smarter selections. I don’t wish you to form the error of making an attempt to impress strangers on social media. Don’t let social media place you stressed. If you can’t afford it, you can’t afford it. Be sensible along with your monetary selections.”

In a caption, he wrote: “It’s necessary to form certain that although you lose employment or a gig or a business, you’ve got managed your cash in a very accountable thanks to see you and your family through. it’s ne’er too late to start out smart habits. bear in mind you’ve got a family to feed, not a community to impress. management your disbursement before your disbursement controls you.”

The clip served as motivation for each his colleagues and his Instagram fans.

Musician Nomcebo Zikode commented: “Well aforesaid. i would like to share this. i feel it’s planning to facilitate plenty of individuals. folks will extremely place you stressed and if you’re not robust enough, woe unto you. thanks for reminding Pine Tree State this.”

Musician Candy agency Mandebele commented: “Thanks for the gorgeous words.”

Instagram user Cameroon Dave said: “I was close to go obtain associate apple watch, however currently I’m thinking double.”