Shebeshxt will reportedly appear in court

Shebeshxt will reportedly appear in court


Questionable Limpopo rapper, Lehlogonolo “Shebeshxt” Chauke’s issues are allegedly heaping up taking after his daughter’s passing.



Sunday World reports that Shebeshxt is anticipated to show up in court in July for a isolated incident.


Chauke is allegedly planned to show up at the Lebowakgomo Magistrate’s Court for a 2022 case.



Mashudu Malabi-Dzhangi, who is Limpopo’s National Arraigning Specialist (NPA) representative says the rapper is as of now out on safeguard and will be in court for trial.



“The matter is set down for supplication and trial for 11 July 2024 at the Lebowakgomo territorial court D,” includes Malabi-Dzhangi.


Malabi-Dzhangi already uncovered to the distribution that a case was opened against Chauke after he supposedly wounded a man in Lebowakgomo.



Limpopo Chronicle detailed in Eminent 2023 that Chauke was allowed safeguard by the Lebowakgomo Magistrate’s Court after getting captured in April 2023.


His charges shifted from attack, endeavored kill and release of a gun. It’s affirmed he terminated four shots in the discuss at a family domestic in Ga-Mamaola Town, Limpopo.



The distribution includes that when that occurrence happened, he was out on safeguard in another matter of attack and his safeguard was afterward revoked.


“On the moment occurrence (10 April 2023) the charged released a gun at another family home when he went to see for a part of that family. When he was educated that the individual he was looking for was not there, he released his gun four times upwards,” the NPA said at the time.


The distribution come to out to Chauke’s legal counselor, Part Ramusi for a comment on Saturday. We will donate an upgrade as before long as possible.


Shebeshxt buried his girl Onthantile Chuene in Lebowakgomo, Zone A nowadays (Saturday, 22 June).


The rapper’s girl, Onthatile Chuene passed absent on Saturday, 8 June taking after a car crash on the R37 street following to Smelters Mine in Limpopo.


Chauke’s legal counselor, Part Ramusi affirmed to the distribution that the rapper will go to her burial service benefit nowadays taking after uncommon courses of action with the healing center where he is being treated.



Ramusi moreover said the family asked Shebeshxt’s therapeutic group to discharge him from the clinic on Saturday, so that he can go to his daughter’s funeral.


It is accepted the rapper will return to the clinic after the burial service ceremony after going numerous surgeries taking after the deadly car crash.


The rapper’s mother uncovered that her child endured a broken leg, stomach wounds, and head wounds.