Seputla Sebogodi’s Young Bae shock Mzansi with her singing skills – Video

Seputla Sebogodi’s Young Bae shock Mzansi with her singing skills – Video

Seputla Sebogodi
Seputla Sebogodi

Seputla Sebogodi popularly called Keneth Mashaba from generations has aghast Mzansi in the week once photos of him proposing to his young bae went microorganism however what was additional surprising to Mzansi was the age distinction between the try.

Here ar some stuff you didn’t comprehend Sebogodi’s fiancé:

Her name is Mogau Sebeka, associated she’s an aspiring singer, actress, and dancer.

She’s twenty seven years recent, grew up in river, in an exceedingly place known as Modjadji.

Her soon-to-be-stepson, Thapelo Sebogodi WHO plays Khabzela on The watercourse is 5years older than her.
She grew up in church wherever she was a worship leader in her home city consistent with shut sources.

Here ar videos of her singing

heir pictures were taken throughout their Valentines weekend getaway, with Seputla seen taking place on one knee and asking Sebeka to be his fifth better half.

In the image, Sebogodi’s girlfriend is beaming and excited and seen acceptive his proposal.

She then announce their pictures on Twitter that went microorganism and captioned their pictures with: “You attained this surprise my love. Thank you. God bless you copiously and provides you additional life,”

But their excitement was transient as their age gap before long caught the eye of Black Twitter WHO started deciding them, that resulted in her clap backs.
She tweeted a series of tweets that read:

“You guys Maineasure} undoubtedly attractive me, however hey love lives here.”
“Thank you for all the love I even have received, doesn’t go ignored. My family and friends WHO unbroken checking informed Pine Tree State if I’m okay due to some vile comments, and American state lol we tend to laugh and move.”

“I have but received some hate similarly. It’s all love from this facet. Love and lightweight .”

“More than something I’m at a peaceful and happier place. Living my life the simplest approach I see work, after all it’ll not sit well with everybody. Grateful for people who show Pine Tree State love genuinely. “

Sebake is seemingly terribly protecting over her 59year recent veteran actor slash groom-to-be and won’t hesitate to point out haters that she doesn’t care regarding what they consider them. Tweeps expressed that the 2 aren’t compatible due to their age gaps, standing which their relationship won’t last similar to all of Sebogodi’s previous relationships.