‘Senzo Meyiwa died negotiating lobola for Kelly Khumalo’

‘Senzo Meyiwa died negotiating lobola for Kelly Khumalo’

‘Senzo Meyiwa died negotiating lobola for Kelly Khumalo’
‘Senzo Meyiwa died negotiating lobola for Kelly Khumalo’

The heroic tale encompassing the unsolved mystery of Senzo Meyiwa’s murder continues with Kelly Khumalo’s sister, Zandile Khumalo, finally agreeing to her 1st public interview since that fateful night over eight years agone.

Speaking to eNCA’s Slindelo Masikane, Zandile addressed the problem still as a number of the queries the general public has had regarding what happened that night.

She conjointly discovered that that they had truly move that night in an attempt to contrive the way forward for Kelly and Senzo’s relationship once the jock expressed his need to marry the singer.

Zandile was gift on the night that Senzo was shot and he or she was there along side her sister Kelly – World Health Organization was Senzo’s girlfriend at the time – still as her own ex-boyfriend, Longwe Twala, and a few of Senzo’s friends.

Zandile declared she would die defensive herself against speculation that she was concerned within the murder.

In an attempt to defend herself and her family, Zandile reminded viewers that it had been not simply the Khumalo family gift the night that Senzo was killed.

“Intruders came into the house, we tend to we tend tore terribly happy… the majority assume that we area unit questionable ‘criminal masterminds’, however they’re forgetting the very fact that Senzo’s friends were there. it had been not simply the Khumalo’s within the house…
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“Yes, we all know Mthoko, we tend to had seen him each currently and so, however Tumelo we tend to had met for the primary time that day as a result of he was there to debate the approaching lobola negotiations for Kelly and would be one in every of Senzo’s representatives within the discussions,” explained Zandile.

She then asked why folks believe his friends wouldn’t say something regarding what happened, if they knew what had happened and World Health Organization was accountable.

“I simply hope that eventually, we’ll realize solace, we’ll realize the solution that we’re to search out|searching for} and clearly for Senzo’s family to find closure so they’ll move forward once losing their kid.”
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During her interview, Zandile solid suspicion on Senzo’s spouse, Mandisa, and his mother and spoken the mention of the employment of sorcery as discovered within the Netflix documentary regarding the murder investigation.

In the documentary, Senzo’s mother admitted to consulting ancient healers in an attempt to get rid of Kelly Khumalo from her son’s life with the hope that this might save his wedding to Mandisa.

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