see the results For Zodwa Wabantu’s positive and negative HIV

Zodwa Wabantu’s positive and negative HIV results

Zodwa wa Bantu, born Zodwa Rebecca libram in Soweto best known for her pantyless dancing and the way she made thousands out it decided to share her Hiv results on the social media.

” you opt on behalf of me left is positive and right is negative,” she wrote

“I decided to publicize my results because i would like to show people about taking care of themselves and their health.” Reality star and dancer went on to mention , “I’m always talking about s.e.x and the way much i really like it. It recently dawned on me that i need to not only mention it, but I should also teach people about safe s.e.x and taking care of their health,” she said.

“Although the tests don’t state clearly whether I’m negative or positive, I’m glad people didn’t call me names after seeing the results,” she said. When asked if she was hiv positive, she said people would need to await her television program to seek out out.

She said, she left home when she was 16 to hustle following the death of mother when she was 11. She said she slept around with man in exchange for money. the life-style she lived may need exposed her to man who were Hiv positive