See More On Boity And Bujy’s Legal Battle

More On Boity And Bujy’s Legal Battle


As the legal battle between Television personality Boity Thulo and Bujy Bijwa continues to get messier and messier. Boity is allegedly demanding a whopping 1 million rand from the flamboyant former Metro FM radio DJ. The agreement relates to assault charges she filed against him. According to City Press, Boity is also asking for R200 000 to cover the medical charges she incurred after the incident.

Beforehand this month, Boity filed a case against Bikwa for assault with intent to beget grievous fleshly detriment following an altercation that turned physical between them at a hostel in Midrand. She sustained facial injuries after a bottle of alcohol was thrown at her face. Boity was rehabilitated after the bitter wrangle, and now she demands Bujy take responsibility for assaulting her.

In a twist of events, Bujy also filed acounter-case of assault against Boity saying both of them were shamefaced. “ I also opened a counter case of common assault against the malefactor for physically attacking me and after being in pain from the injuries I sustained for seven days, being held in police guardianship, I’ve entered medical attention and have filed my medical records towards my counter case,” he participated.

In his now deleted statement, Bujy said Boity disrespected him, his surname and told him that he’s nothing.”I was verbally abused and told that my surname has no relation to who I’m and because of that, that’s why my career is going nowhere in terms of growth, in fact,”what is it that I do in the media assiduity because I’m actually nothing!”he said.

Bujy reveals he too was physically assaulted,” being demurred and punched while being told that”I’m a man, I’m a man,”I must take it. The pain of suffering of having to let a woman abuse me verbally and physically while trying to contain myself and holding her hands to stop wasn’t enough until substantiations managed to defuse the situation.”

Still in one of his numerous statements he issued, Bujy apologized and said he could have handled the situation else”I would like to apologize to everyone for my response in the situation. I lament that it happed and also accept the circumstance as inferior geste, and I could have handled the situation else and not have it escalate to the situations it has from either myself or the said plaintiff and I don’t blink any acts of violence by any person including myself.”

So will he settle the R1.2 million Boity is demanding? Well, Bujy told TshisaLive lately he feels that it’s illegal for Boity to demand plutocrat from him, considering both of them were at fault.

“ I need to take responsibility for her scars but now, she opened a case, I gotarrested.the worst part is that she transferred a letter demanding R1m and I am just like, so you do not want to resolve this. Where will I get R1m when both of us are at fault?” he asked.

Tweeps have replied to Boity’s demands and they’re bot happy.

@MphoMolepo_”Boity’s claim isn’t in line with respectable norms. R500k is the number!”
@Riccardo_Elle”Where will Bujy get 1 million from Lol Boity’s dlozis did n’t tip her before making similar demands.”
@THATONZI”He must pay for what he did. Educate him a assignment!! If he can not pay he should be arrested.”

Boity’s claim is not in line with acceptable standards. R500k is the number!

— Phoshwane a Mosebo (@MphoMolepo_) October 25, 2021

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