‘Scandal! Masasa Mbangeni  confirms viewers that the show won’t fall apart without her.

‘Scandal! Masasa Mbangeni confirms viewers that the show won’t fall apart without her.

While Scandal! fans are as yet grieving the passing of her character Thembeka, on-screen character Masasa Mbangeni has moved to promise watchers that the show won’t self-destruct without her.

The reprobate was shot and killed by her adversary Mthunzi Mayisa on Wednesday night’s scene of the hit e.tv soapie, leaving numerous in stun.

Masasa’s flight comes only weeks after Scandal! bid farewell to veteran entertainer Kgomotso Christopher.

At the point when fans shared their dread that the show was draining ability and may lose watchers accordingly, Masasa moved to quiet the circumstance.

She said that the show would go on without her and other skilled on-screen characters, since it was “the idea of the work”.

“The idea of narrating is the traveling every which way of characters or probably it gets stale. It’s permitted. It’s the idea of the work,” she said.


The star previously left the soapie in 2016, making an arrival a year ago.

She has excused any proposals of rejoining the soapie once more, saying her character is “demise dead”.

Rather, Masasa will be taking a break to take a shot at herself and take a gander at new chances.

She disclosed to True Love magazine in February that her rebound on the show a year ago almost didn’t occur.

“Coming back to where I’d began my vocation truly shook me. A couple of months prior, I got a call from Scandal!, disclosing to me they needed to bring my old character back. To be very legit, I had blended feelings about it. So much about me had changed, and I thought about whether returning would benefit the character in any way, and how it would be seen by people in general.

“During my last days at Scandal!, I was expressly experiencing enthusiastic unrest. That, I assume, aided how I played the character. In this way, I realized that how I drew closer Thembeka this time around would need to appear as something else.”


Source : news365