Scandal actress Marjorie Langa reveals Gloria is overcompensating for not being part of her son’s life at some point, Marjorie says

Scandal actress Marjorie Langa reveals Gloria is overcompensating for not being part of her son’s life at some point, Marjorie says


One who will remain between her locale and her stealing child consistently, arguing his blamelessness. She will do anything for her child, and at this moment, Scandal’s! Gloria, played by Marjorie Langa, is being tried day by day. Her child, Kgosi (Given Stuurman), is the driving force behind break-ins in their locale and he even took a TV from his family.

Kgosi along with his companion, Kabza (Buhle Nhlapo), are threatening the network by utilizing hyenas’ tails to get individuals to fall into a profound rest while both of them wipe out their homes. After he’s gotten for his wrongdoings, his mother demands he’s a blessed messenger and is being confined by envious neighbors.

Child rearing STYLE

Gloria is overcompensating for not being a piece of her child’s life sooner or later, Marjorie says, and now this has prompted him being a spoilt imp.

“She would do anything for her youngsters even falsehood so she can be seen by her locale as an ideal parent.

“She is trying to claim ignorance about Kgosi in light of the fact that she wouldn’t like to accept that her ideal kid could perpetrate the wrongdoings he is blamed for. Indeed, in her brain in light of the fact that Kgosi was associated with the Community Policing Forum, in any event, making recommendations about how the law breakers could be gotten, the network ought to be appreciative for every one of his endeavors and not make him the scalawag.

“In one of the scenes she visits him in jail and requests that he look at her without flinching and come clean. He lied yet what she needed to accept. Likewise, she figures her child could never deceive her in the wake of all that they had experienced together,” she says.

Marjorie trusts Gloria experiences bazothini abantu (what will individuals say) condition.

“Gloria would do anything just to keep appearances. They can have no food to eat as long as they look great to intrigue the individuals around.

“The difficult she is confronted with now is that she has seen the video yet decides to state her child is being confined in such a case that she concedes that her child is a crook, she should manage the way that there’s a defect in her child rearing abilities.

“In the event that she could raise a crook, at that point obviously she isn’t the ideal parent, something I accept doesn’t exist. She is fighting an inside tugof-war. “She likewise believes that in the event that she concurs with everybody that it is without a doubt Kgosi in the video, at that point it will be practically similar to she is deceiving him some way or another.” She says there are numerous guardians like Gloria who empower their kids and shield them as far as possible, regardless of whether they are [email protected]@@

Distinctive APPROACH

Marjorie herself is a mother and she says it is something she pays attention to very.

“I comprehend that Gloria adores her child, however on the off chance that I were from her point of view I would deal with things in an unexpected way. Indeed, naturally I would be frustrated in my kid’s activities, however I would ensure they face the outcomes of their activities, in any event, going to prison. I would attempt to persuade them to concede,” she says.

She is a mother of three kids matured 18, 17 and 10. Her oldest two youngsters are her ex’s late sibling’s children. She says that they took them in when the sibling passed on. Considerably after the separation, eight years prior, she has kept raising them as her own. She has been with them since they were seven and eight years of age.

“I love my kids, yet they realize I am exacting. I don’t advance drivel. The young lady has consistently been simpler than the two young men despite the fact that she is the oldest. There are sure practices that I permit since I need to screen them. I even engage in sexual relations training converses with them since I need to control the data that they have in light of the fact that I don’t need them to be affected inaccurately. I generally attempt to be as required as Possible in their lives while as yet permitting them to develop and commit their own errors, so they can gain from them,” she says.



Marjorie appreciates playing Gloria and as much as she says she knows numerous Glorias, she would never be companions with her. She has assumed the job since 2011. “Sheesh, yhu, angangehlula (I would not have the option to deal with her). Gloria is a ton. Each people group and most families and family units have a Gloria, however I would never be companions with her. She is unreasonably bombastic for my preferring. I wouldn’t fret knowing her however being companions with her eventual to an extreme. So, however, I should rush to state that there are a portion of her qualities I respect.

She is consistently upbeat and positive. She never lets anybody get her down. If anybody somehow happened to reveal to her that she is fat wanting to hurt her, Gloria would tell that individual she is fat since she has food at home and her refrigerator is full – in contrast to them. She is a glass-halffull-sort of young lady and I like that about her,” Marjorie snickers. “She is exceptionally flashy and despite the fact that she goes about it the incorrect way at times, she has good intentions in the manner in which she is bringing up her kids.”