Sbahle Mzizi’s Level Of Intelligence Is On Another Level

Sbahle Mzizi’s Level Of Intelligence Is On Another Level

What makes Sbahle Mzizi more adorable? We know how cute most babies are but don’t get it twisted a baby might be cute but not adorable, am I right?

At times your bundles of joy can just turn to a bundle of …. Well, I’ll not say anything or y’all might be angry at me. But then again there’s this one cute and adorable young lady we have spotted.

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We have seen her counting up to large numbers and also taking Q&A about her family. Sbahle attend AFI Fashion Week runway two weeks ago, and she killed it with her bubbly personality.

We all know that the 2-year-old just loves her mom’s phone but little did we know that she can effortlessly navigate her way through an iPhone. SAY WHAT!!! I mean some of y’all are still struggling to change your ringtones on iPhone.

Our smart toddler nows where to go to switch on the hotspot.

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In the video, Sbahle is having some ‘me’ time; playing a puzzle for kids on the phone when Ntando (her mom) humbly asks her to switch the Wi-Fi Hotspot on because she wants to connect to it. She responds to her mom: “ngiyadlala [I’m playing a game]” and Ntando asks her to please share once she’s done… and she does… quickly and effortlessly.

We have to hand it to Sbahle Mzizi, she’s one smart little cookie. Not forgetting her parents Ntando Duma and DJ, Junior De Rocka for raising this genius.