Sadness!Kayise Ngqula cries about losing her husband in a car accident in June last year

Sadness!Kayise Ngqula cries about losing her husband in a car accident in June last year

Past Our Perfect Wedding arbitrator Kayise Ngqula has without a doubt opened up about the hardship of losing her significant other Farai Sibanda, relating how she implored him to wake up and stay with her.

In acknowledgment of International Widows’ Day on Tuesday, Kayise shared a love letter to her late mate through her new YouTube channel After Dark with Kayise.

The performer lost her significant other in a car accident on June 22 per year back.

In the love letter, Kayise experienced a universe of affectionate recollections to when she at first met Farai at a Pizza bistro in March 2015, to Valentine’s Day of 2018, when he mentioned her convey marriage, revealing to her he should send his uncles to her home for lobola courses of action.

She also assessed the time she found she was pregnant and how excited they were that they’d have a youngster.

During the psychological scene, Kayise began to lift the spread on the terrible minor collision that left both her and her late companion in essential conditions.

With tears in her eyes, Kayise explained how she fell asleep due to the surged week she had and woke up to the sound of alerts. “It felt like I was in a dream … I felt so pulled back, it was for all intents and purposes like a dreadful awful dream …”

Resulting to falling unaware again, Kayise woke up in misfortune with her life partner close by.

“There was change, the masters, paramedics and any person who ought to have been there to deal with us, it was then that I asked, ‘Where are we and what’s happened?’ I was then taught by the experts we’d been in a car accident and that we were very hurt …

“In any case, I looked on my correct side, my significant other was insane, avoiding any person who reached him … he might not want to be reached and dealt with, he kept yelling my name … I by then uncovered to him we will be OK.”

Ensuing to being taught that her loved one wasn’t advancing pleasantly, Kayise revealed how she couldn’t appreciate why he couldn’t wake up. “I asked him and begged him to wake up … I expected to hear him talk.”

Ensuing to hearing the news that her better half had passed on, Kayise explained that all she expected to do was to restore him.

This isn’t the main gone through Kayise has remained contrary to her mishap.

Two months after the accident, Kayise shared a certifiable video on Instagram of the couple getting hitched at their traditional wedding, incorporated by friends and family.

In the post, she held nothing back to her loved one and promised to ensure their reverence.

“Nothing was better than us. Nothing could ever be better than us. Our own together in spite of everything is the best case of conquering misfortune of my entire nearness. I’ll make sure about it by and large. Unendingly and a day, Happy Anniversary my fondness!” she made.



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22 June 2020 will mark exactly 365 days since the greatest agony of my heart hit me like a raging wave whilst at sea in the midst of a heavy storm. The battle to get to shore or a place of safety has been a resilient fight. However calm has now prevailed in its resounding reassurance that I have won the battle to live. I am finally ready to tell my story… ———– Tomorrow at 7pm, on the 1-year anniversary of my husbands death, the day my entire world came to a standstill, I bring you a project so personal and dear to me and all who have worked on it. AFTER DARK with Kayise, an in-depth and intimate conversational series that will showcase the lives and experiences of people who have dealt with loss and change. This show will explore the transition from loss to wholeness of all guests in their representation of healing and triumph, rebirth and the beauty in the opportunity of a fresh start to set oneself for a comeback after a setback. For it is AFTER DARK that the light surely will follow. After Dark with Kayise will be available on YouTube (please check the link in my bio) and all major leading podcast platforms #ADwK

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Our angel… πŸ•ŠπŸ•―#ADwK

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