Sad News From DBN Gogo To Mzansi

Sad News From DBN Gogo To Mzansi

DBN Gogo
DBN Gogo

Popular DJ DBN Gogo has shared a press release regarding her trip to London. The DJ was meant to perform at the Yam Carnival in London and Grillyard in Manchester.

DBN gogo revealed that she is going to unfortunately not be ready to take these Trips.

“Due to Unforeseen circumstances with reference to traveling restrictions and immigration policies, it’s with great disappointment that ready to |i’ll”> i will be able to not be able to be present at Yam Carnival in London and Grillyard in Manchester, ” she said during a statement.

She also shared her apologies, she said she is going to confirm that she attends other gigs.

“We have tried our utmost best to stick to regulations and expedite our journey to the united kingdom , with reference to the govt policy. Unfortunately, we’ve not succeeded…yet

“It would be an irony to mention that i’m sorry. i’m gutted that i can not be there, as every moment I share with my people on the floor is precious to me. I hate to disappoint you. thereupon said i’m not abandoning . Once I even have abided by the law and done the items , you’ll catch me at the opposite gigs advertised.”

Fans shared words of comfort for her, @Mpumzijozana wrote: “sorry dbn gogo, you want to be shattered, cause the show would have given you tons of exposure that side but dreams delayed aren’t dreams denied always remember that!”

Lerashea responded: “Aow Gogo Next time, nawe you ought to not pull Babes Wodumo on Us…get your Visa in time hau.”

DBN Gogo currently has one among the most important songs within the country titled Khuza Gogo.

She previously told TshisaLive that the song changed her life.

“Khuza Gogo has had a strong impact on my career and has pushed me to boundaries I never expected. The love society has given is actually beautiful and every one I can say is we are close to bring you a blockbuster, DBN Gogo has only begun.”

She also told the publication about her Stay True doccie-style collaboration with Ballantine.
Sad News From DBN Gogo To Mzansi 3
“The show doesn’t desire a reality show, it feels more sort of a documentary, highlighting the ventures and important moments that have impacted my career and introducing society into the planet of the amapiano industry and therefore the impact my background has had on who the brand DBN Gogo is.

“You make your own reality, and never allow anyone to work out what possibilities or heights you’ll reach. Stay faithful yourself!” said DBN gogo.

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