SAD: Kairo Reacted To AKA’s Murder “Is He Coming Back?”

SAD: Kairo Reacted To AKA’s Murder “Is He Coming Back?”

SAD: Kairo Reacted To AKA's Murder "Is He Coming Back?"
SAD: Kairo Reacted To AKA’s Murder “Is He Coming Back?”

AKA’s mama , Lynn Forbes, has opened up about how agonized Kairo Fores is following the early end of his father, Kiernan’ AKA’ Forbes.

The rapper and his friend Tebello’ Tibz’ Motsoane were plugged down in February on Florida Road in Durban.

In an exclusive interview on eNCA’s News Night, Lynn spoke out about how she broke the devasting news of AKA’s murder to his son Kairo Forbes.

The 7- time-old was close to his father and his end has left her devastated.

Lynn said she was given the tough responsibility of breaking the heartbreaking news to Kairo that her father had passed on.

She said “ I told her that we’ve some really sad news Your pater
failed ”.
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Lynn said Kairo asked her what happed to his father. She continued to explain, “ I said some bad people hurt him. they shot him. She cried terribly ”.

Lynn continued, “ She asked ‘ But, he’s coming back, right? He’ll be ok ’. And I had to tell her, ‘ No, he’s not coming back, and we’ve to bury him.

Lynn Forbes was canvassed by City Press where she spoke about AKA’s murder. The grieving mama questioned how the killers are feeling after committing such a heinous act on a father and family.
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Lynn revealed that she occasionally thinks about the people who planned her son’s murder.

“ He did n’t just die. Someone planned his death, ” she said. “ Are they happy? Do they lament it? Are they laughing about it? Do they suppose they made a mistake or are they glad they eventually did it? ”

still, it would swallow me up as a person, “ If I did that. I ’m not God and I ca n’t point a cutlet at anyone. I just wonder how and why everything happed. But what do I know? I ’m just a mama ? ” she told the publication.

A couple of weeks ago, the Forbes family issued a statement advising the public of hawking unverified reports girding the murder inquiry of the late rapper.

They also made citation of scammers posing as the Forbes family trying to get plutocrat from people.
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“ We’re at a loss for words to describe or gratefulness for the outpour of love that we ’ve entered from the Megacy. We ’ve seen people deeply hurt and infuriated by Kiernan murder and wanting justice. As a family, we empathise with the grief endured and we understand your pain, ” the statement reads.

“ We’re apprehensive of the growing public disgruntlement related to the progress which has been made in the disquisition. still, as a family, we’re deeply concerned that reckless conduct, allegations and hypotheticals may beget further detriment than good, ” the family Continued.

“ At this time, we call on the Megacy to mourn responsibly and ask for tolerance so that the law enforcers have the space to do their job. We submissively request that you continue celebrating Kiernan’s life, save his memory and continue his heritage through his music. Your joyful festivity of his life gives us comfort.”

The family has also been advised of scammers posing as the family “ Incipiently, we’d like to bring to your attention that there are false requests for donations and investments from people posing as members of the Forbes family. We haven’t opened any donation accounts or requested investments, ” she added.

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