Rumors from Emtee’s rubbishes that he’s hooked

Rumors from Emtee’s rubbishes that he’s hooked

Emtee defends himself against standard claim that he’s a addict whereas recently talking to Isolezwe. The entice king says he takes weed however as a result of the general public is nevertheless to simply accept weed as a legal drug, that’s why several have problems with him.

This isn’t the primary time he’s disclaimed being a mammary gland addict and a malefactor.

“I am not mortified regarding something. i do know the general public has not accepted weed as medicine that ar legal. that’s the rationale several associate ME with medicine and being a addict.

He conjointly spoke regarding his music and the way associate invisible enemy is attempting to create his career fall.

“There ar those that pay sure radio stations to own my music not vie on air that is why several of my fans assume that I actually have gone silent and not operating within the studio. I still keep music like before, however it’s simply not obtaining vie on radio,” he told the publication.

he then came for all those trade mates WHO owe him a good deal of favours however have turned their backs on him. “They don’t owe ME cash, however they owe ME favours due to everything I actually have finished the, The new song I free, was how {for ME|on behalf of me} to create my cries detected and send a message to everybody WHO owes me.”