RIP: The Siko twins are in mourning

The Siko twins are in mourning

RIP: The Siko twins are in mourning
RIP: The Siko twins are in mourning

Twice as daring reality star Thabani Biyela has died. He was shot dead on Tues, 9 August.

The news was proclaimed by the Siko twins via their Facebook page. Owami and Olwethu wrote: “How does one say word of farewell to your twin? we tend to area unit shattered as Siko twins to mention word of farewell to at least one of the Biyela twins. What as unhappy day, its OK not be OK. Kufa awudeli yhoo, what on a daily basis Jehova”.

Thabani’s twin brother Sakhile said: “I will ensure that my twin is dead, it happened these days.

Unfortunately, i’m not during a position to disclose any data at once and we’d like some privacy because the family.”

Olwethu said: “We were enlightened by a detailed friend concerning Thabani’s passing. we tend to area unit saddened by this and that we area unit still making an attempt to digest it. we tend to were designing such a big amount of things with the Biyela twins. as an example, we tend to were getting ready to try to to a music video with them for his or her song, Imali.

We were conjointly hoping to feature them on consecutive season of doubly as daring, however currently this may be not possible.”
RIP: The Siko twins are in mourning 3

Thabani and Sakhile had created their debut look on the Siko twins’ reality show in might.

At the time, Thabani told the publication they were appeal the Siko sisters.

“We area unit Zulu men and ‘sizochatha’ (use s.e.xual booster) to confirm we tend to satisfy them in bed. we tend to can’t sit up for that chance to come back. We’ve ne’er done cluster s.e.x before, however we’re receptive a replacement expertise. we tend to don’t suppose it’s one thing to be hangdog of as a result of we tend to conjointly share one soul,” Thabani aforementioned.

But the link failed to go terribly way with the Siko twins – they remained shut friends instead.

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