RIP : Ndumiso Lindi’s mother-in-law dies after contracting Covid-19

RIP : Ndumiso Lindi’s mother-in-law dies after contracting Covid-19

Ndumiso Lindi’s family is grieving the loss of his relative.

Picture: By means of Instagram

Disaster has hit comic Ndumiso Lindi’s family after his significant other’s mom contracted and later passed on from the coronavirus.

Ndumiso took to Instagram to share the news, saying his family was thinking that its difficult to adapt after his relative passed on Monday.

The entertainer said his relative had tried positive for Covid-19 a week ago and had been self-detaching yet must be admitted to emergency clinic on Sunday when she experienced difficulty relaxing.

“It’s been a tragic day, sooner today we lost my relative. We’re not adapting. She tried positive for Covid 19 a week ago and was self-disconnecting. The previous evening she was conceded in light of the fact that she was unable to inhale appropriately. Today we lost her.”

Ndumiso is a notable entertainer, most popular for the Wedded However Not To One another satire visit in which he combined up with Tumi Morake.

The comic requested supplications for his left relative and for his family, especially his significant other. He proceeded to thank his relative for cherishing him like her natural child.

“Petition God for her spirit, appeal to God for the family and petition God for my significant other. Find happiness in the hereafter Jalamba, MaTshezi … much obliged to you for cherishing me as your own child,” Ndumiso said.