RIP: Naledi Willers has died “May her soul rest in peace”

Naledi Willers has died

RIP: Naledi Willers has died "May her soul rest in peace"
RIP: Naledi Willers has died “May her soul rest in peace”

South Africans are shattered by the early end of reality show star Naledi Willers. The country woke up to the sad news of her death this morning, and condolences have been pouring in.

Naledi came a ménage name and won the hearts of numerous South Africans, during the first season of Real Housewives of Johannesburg. The reality star had been battling cancer for a long time and she ultimately lost her battle.

Somizi’s friend Ndo Maleho has taken to his Instagram account to pay a moving homage to Naledi “ Rest in peace my friend.@nana01gp You fought a good fight. Mma and Humile did the stylish in keeping you comfortable and furnishing the stylish possible care. Go tseba Modimo feela spear what made us meet last week. You held my hand and I told you, I love you and that you formerly made me drive to Botswana ka nkane. Also you made fun of my suit and called it a “ ZCC suit” because it was green. Your veritably last words to me. The pain is now over. You’re now at peace. I’m agonized but may God give Mama strength. Rest in peace my friend. Till we meet again. I love you!,” he participated.

Since news of her end began spreading like campfire on social media, she has been trending number on Twitter. Tweeps are transferring their dispatches of condolences to her family and remembering her.
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A couple of weeks ago, Naledi participated a important communication with her suckers, telling her followers to give her flowers while she was still alive if they loved her.
“ Do n’t come annoying our maters la when they ’re grieving busy wanting to buy alcohol for after the burial which means nothing to us. Or silly pavilions and bells and hisses for a burial attended by people we do n’t know,” she identified the post.

Naledi was married to Quinton Masina, aka Naked DJ in 2017, still in 2019, she verified that they had called it quits. She posted the following statement on her Instagram account
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“ I wish to advertise that Quinton Masina and I are no longer in a relationship. As it has been a public bone to a certain degree, I feel it befitting to formally advertise that we’ve ended effects, permanently promised and are no longer staying together,” she wrote.

“ I wish him well in his unborn endeavours and request that my sequestration be admired during this time,” she added.

Naledi had opened about being diagnosed with stage 2 triadic negative bone cancer last time November 29. In a lengthy post she said “ If I look like I ’ve just been through a war, it’s because I have. On 29Nov. 2019 I was diagnosed with stage 2 triadic negative bone cancer. This was also the day I wrote the last test of my law degree … while staying for the call bearing my results.

I spent the once short while posting filmland taken around this time last time so I can show what a difference a time makes … and also to say that through all those changes, I ’m still then. Still fighting? Does the fight for survival ever end? I choose to say still healing. Still perfecting. Every day I draw another breath … still WINNING,” she wrote.

May her soul rest in peace.

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