Rip: Khanyi Mbau is mourning her brand manager who is Zimbabwe

Khanyi Mbau in mourning for her brand manager who is Zimbabwean

Khanyi Mbau took to Twitter to mourn her brand manager, Dylan Kardashian who may be a Zimbabwean but currently living in England.25-year-old Zimbabwean social media influencer who shot to fame after Nicki Minaj regrammed a side-by-side photo featuring him and died tragically on his birthday.

Dylan Kardashian was born Dylan Musanhu in Zimbabwe and his family moved to South Africa, where his family lived for 2 years before the family moved again to England in 2012.

He was the creative director, influencer, and Khanyi Mbau’s brand manager. In November 2014 Khanyi Mbau had just landed her chat show Katch it With Khanyi on Dylan designed a ‘better’ looking artwork for her show and sent her and her boyfriend a message on Instagram. She responded and loved the planning. that’s when the 2 started working together.

Khanyi Mbau app

Dylan created an app for Khanyi called Khanyi Mbau Digital and commenced managing the Khanyi Mbau brand from England. He created her first website.

He saw a photograph of Minaj doing a pose and he did an equivalent, but the photographs together and posted it on my Instagram, Nicki Minaj regrammed a side-by-side photo featuring him and her and reposted it which made him famous