Riky Rick left a message “Suicide Note” for his wife and kids

Riky Rick left a message “Suicide Note” for his wife and kids

Riky Rick
Riky Rick

Award-winning rapper Riky Rick has reportedly left a suicide note. The hit producer of Boss Zonke kicked the bucket earlier in the week.

Rick Rick left a chilling suicide note for his adult female Bianca and their kids, per the Sunday World.

The supposed suicide note reads as follows:

Dear Bianca

The pain is simply too a lot of. i do not wish you in charge yourself for my life being intolerable. you have got given ME a lot of love than I be. live your life. do not hide the sunshine you have got from ME a day.

I’m sorry to be the one United Nations agency gave up, however I feel most pain. The voice in my head ne’er went away. I would like i used to be stronger, however i am not. Please forgive ME. I love you.

To his son Maik: “Follow your passion, my son. the globe is healthier than you’ll imagine. I love you.”

Finally to his son Jordan: “Jordan, the simplest issue that has ever happened to ME. You instructed ME most regarding life. many thanks for being therefore sensible to ME. many thanks for uplifting ME. I love you.”

Riky Rick left a message "Suicide Note" for his wife and kids 5

The rapper’s family detached to the Daily Sun a number of days agone following the death of their son. Sheikani Makhado, a voice for the family, told the publication that Riky’s mum was making an attempt to be robust for everybody. He aforesaid the family was still making an attempt to come back to terms with Riky’s death.

“There aren’t any words to explain however we tend to feel without delay… It’s onerous to rouse knowing we’ve lost such a beloved friend,” he said.

Shekani added: “Our brother’s adult female Bianca is brokenhearted. we tend to cannot deny the very fact that we tend to area unit sharing him with the remainder of the globe and that we area unit grateful for the message of support we’ve received.”

Riky Rick has been affected by depression for a few time. He antecedently detached to workplace LIVE regarding his battle with depression and therefore the loss of his father.

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“I lost my father after I required facilitate. I lost him after I required that voice. plenty of individuals do not perceive that you just will ne’er replace your father’s voice. He did not simply die, however eighteen years, and Your daddy lived for a year so came back to your mamma. I worshipped being with mamma, however lived with him for a year…the child ne’er leaves the fogeys.”

“When he died, i used to be therefore angry, so upset. i used to be therefore upset, like ‘why my life? once the fogeys of all the children I visited faculty with came to check them to look at soccer, to come back to check them to look at basketball Why did my life ought to communicate shit once taking part in games, delivery them picnic bags? I did not get wise, and that i did not see you subsequently. i used to be therefore pissed, so pissed, so pissed.”

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