A SOCIAL media fight over singer and actress Desiree “Dezry Kay” Kekana raised eyebrows this week.

This came after two rappers beefing over their relationship with Dezry Kay.

The 25-year-old said both rappers were her friends and the fight was strange. It all started when Mopedy (32), whose real name is Jack Marema, posted a photo of himself with Dezry Kay over the weekend.

That didn’t go down well with Pabalelo “Papzito” Selema (27), who later reposted the photo with his own caption.

It read: “This is so petty. Stop lying to your friends. Your were friend zoned and now she’s with the real king.”

When the SunTeam contacted Papzito, he said: “Dezry Kay is not just a good friend. I’m in love with her and our relationship is good.”

Papzito said they started dating after meeting in Joburg in February. He said Mopedy should stop stalking him, saying he was jealous of his success.

Mopedy said he couldn’t say what was going on between him and Dezry Kay. He said he was being provoked.

“I’m being attacked by this excited boy. He just wants attention to grow in the industry. I don’t have time to listen to small boys.”

Dezry Kay told Daily Sun: “I’m not dating either one of them but we are in the music business together.”