Rapper AKA apologises To The Entire Dhlomo Family

Rapper AKA apologises To The Entire Dhlomo Family

Rapper Otherwise known as simply a week ago sub-tweeted media character Sizwe Dhlomo and it appears that subsequent to instructing himself has apologized on Twitter to the whole Dhlomo family, companions and friends.

Only a couple of days back, Otherwise known as and Sizwe were engaged with a remarkable twar that saw Sizwe threatening to “f**k” him up for nothing with no requirement for any agreements to be [email protected]@

Sizwe had evidently been subbing the rapper for a moment without getting a lot of counter from Otherwise known as. Presently, after Sizwe wouldn’t be on Otherwise known as’ show, Otherwise known as chose to release some pressure and diss Sizwe.

Otherwise known as appears to have had a changed of heart and on Saturday gave out a statement of regret to every one of those insulted by his tweets from a week ago.

“Subsequent to teaching myself appropriately about the penances made by Sizwe’s granddad and others near him, I understand how foolish and moronic that was,” tweeted the [email protected]@

A few people have recognized the rapper for his expression of remorse, while some have brought up this is a great move from the rapper to accomplish something incorrectly and afterward [email protected]@

Sizwe has not said anything about the rapper’s apology but did retweet AKA’s apology tweet.