Queen Ntando Duma always froze after meeting this well-known man

Queen Ntando Duma always froze after meeting this well-known man

It’s not a day that you’ll see a star-struck Ntando Duma. The Queen actress recently met Kenyan comedienne Elsa Majimbo and she’s over the moon.

Taking to Twitter, the actress opened about meeting the favored star who blew up in 2020. In her own words, Ntando literally froze. “Did I not encounter Elsa Majimbo at the Yawa store a moment ago and froze,” she shared.

Back in February this year, Elsa was here in South Africa and need to mingle with a number of our biggest stars. She was spotted hanging out with television personality Olwethu Leshabane and also DJ Black Coffee who’s been making headlines for all the incorrect reasons lately. Majimbo isn’t a stranger to Mzansi as she’s been frequenting here on numerous occasions ever since she broke out. In 2020 she won the ‘Entertainer Of The Year’ at the GQ South Africa Men of the Year Awards.

More recently, she was a guess on Olwethu Leshabane’s online show The Sit Down.

“People take decades to realize what I even have achieved and on behalf of me, it’s all just coming together and I’m just getting it in. I’m just taking it at some point at a time and trying to require it in.” She revealed.

“But I really like what’s happening. I really like the cash in fact. I really like the people that have uplifted me to the present point. My fans and my family in some sort of way. It’s very amazing that I even have all the support around me. That whilst I’m going up higher I even have people down below taking care of me.”

During the interview, she admitted that South Africa is one of her favorite places to go to. “I love South Africa and that I keep it up returning. For me, my initial plan was to return to South Africa than just travel. But it’s like I come to South Africa, I travel, I come to South Africa, leave and are available back again.”

Chatting about her newly found fame, the star said that she is getting won’t to it albeit it is often overwhelming sometimes.

“Now I’m getting more familiar with it. I feel before, I might get shocked by the items wont to be”> I used to be seeing because I wasn’t used to this type of life. I’ve met people that have zoos in their houses (Tigers, Lions, Giraffes). In their backyards. I’ve realized that how the planet is,” said Elsa.