Pulane Lenkoe: ‘Black people with this ‘kuyafana mentality’

Pulane Lenkoe: ‘Black people with this ‘kuyafana mentality’


Socialite Pulane Lenkoe has raised concerns about people, especially in townships, not adhering to the rules of the 21-day lockdown which have been implemented to curb the spread of Covid-19.

She shared her views on Twitter after President Cyril Ramaphosa’s tweet highlighted that the most effective way for a society to contain the spread of the disease was for the population to remain at home and physically isolated from each other for at least several weeks.

Several celebs and people on social media have slammed members of the SA National Defence for “ill-treating” people in townships.

In the wake of the outrage, Pulane has a different opinion.

“We don’t see white people being ignorant, throwing parties and gathering on every street corner, sharing beers and cigarettes. White people only leave their houses when they have to.”

A follower bashed Pulane’s view, saying that whether black people were partying or white people were walking their dogs, they were all breaking the rules.

Pulane said: “I live in Meyersdal, where everyone is co-operating. People are braaing in their yards. On the other hand, when I call to check on my mom, who lives in the hood, people are carrying on like there’s nothing. Some taverns are still open. What do you call that?”

She said black people were not listening to the instructions on a larger scale while the majority of white people were adhering to the rules.

“We are not going to discuss a case of one person who walked their dog out of the majority of white people who are clearly co-operating. That is a rare case.”

Feeling that black people were not taking the pandemic seriously, Pulane warned that the lockdown period might be extended if people don’t get their acts together and listen to instructions.

“Black people with this ‘kuyafana mentality’, they are going to get us all in k*k . This thing will end up dragging on for the next three months. Are you even financially ready for that? Just co-operate siyanicela muntu omnyama.”

Though Pulane said she was raising valid points, a follower called her out for “blaming” black people for a disease that was allegedly brought into the country by white people. .

Pulane replied that she didn’t care who brought the virus into the country, and said the black community was doing a good job of spreading the virus.

“I don’t care who brought the virus to our country. All I know is that our people are doing a good job spreading it with their ignorance.”