Prince Kaybee talked about his emotional wellness during the lockdown

Prince Kaybee talked about his emotional wellness during the lockdown

Prince Kaybee talked about his emotional wellness during the lockdown in an ongoing Instagram LIVE meeting.

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Sovereign Kaybee, in the same way as other of us, is attempting to become accustomed to the “new typical” brought by the Covid-19 pandemic and the star has opened up about the cost it has had on his emotional wellness.

Addressing GQ Magazine on Instagram LIVE as of late, Kaybee depicted his psychological state during this pandemic as very “upsetting”, and said that it even made him see a specialist at Umhlanga Medical clinic.

“Seven days prior I saw a specialist at Umhlanga Clinic, there’s a pressure thing when your stomach gets enlarged … in this way, they state it’s pressure related here and there and you like get indigestions and all that … my primary care physician at that point revealed to me I ought to think about loosening up my brain and to do contemplation related activities.

“I’ve been attempting to do the reflections, I have medicine and I’ve been attempting to make sense of what it is the point at which you attempt to loosen up your brain. Like, do you shut down totally? Or on the other hand do you let go of the things you attempt to run, your music, your business, your friends and family … what? What must you do now, so I believe I’m attempting to make sense of all that.”

Having lost check of how long we have been under lockdown, Kaybee said he remained normal by accepting every day as it comes and utilizing an opportunity to be innovative.

“I even lost tally of the days we’ve been under lockdown … I don’t know man, I take it each day in turn you know, staying in touch with individuals, your friends and family, remaining on the web and being imaginative. I surmise that is the new life … the new gigs are online at this point.

“In this way, with different things just as far as business is concerned, you simply need to stay in contact, implies you’re actually working from your telephone … there’s nothing we can do now.”


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While many people are being introspective about their lives and imagining what will be the “new normal” after lockdown, the music producer plans to come out of this period as a new artist.

Kaybee revealed to TshisaLIVE that the first show he would do once the lockdown is lifted would be like his first time ever.

The club DJ stated he was going to give his stans the best set ever post lockdown.

“It’ll be like a brand new artist who just took a shot at making their dreams a reality.”

The muso stopped performing last month due to the lockdown restrictions.

To show his attempt to stay sane during the lockdown, Kaybee shared a video on Instagram in which he revealed he had “gone back to basics” and was working on deep house music.


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