Prince Kaybee slams slams, saying he’s gossip: ‘I can’t shut up shame’

Prince Kaybee slams slams, saying he’s gossip: ‘I can’t shut up shame’

Prince Kaybee slams slams
Prince Kaybee slams slams

If there is one celebrity who’s not afraid to talk his mind, it’s DJ and producer blue blood Kaybee who’s invariably got tongues wagging on the social media timelines.

After obtaining praise for his collaboration with Sir Trill on Hosh, the Kaybee low key asked militia to acknowledge that he was a part of the folks that pushed Sir Trill into the thought media’s focus.

“If it absolutely was somebody else’s song it would’ve been larger which creator was going be praised for introducing Sir Trill to the thought,” blue blood Kaybee wrote.

Some tweeps understood his tweet as a “low key complaint” and told him to prevent whining and stick with creating nice music.

Feeling a touch pink-slipped, the DJ reminded the tweep that he wouldn’t keep his thoughts or opinions to himself to please him or anyone else.

“Ai nna I can’t shut one’s mouth shame, wasn’t raised like that. however if you’re thinking that I’m not ok of a musician as a result of I speak an excessive amount of then go acknowledge the standard ones.”

This is not the primary time the DJ has long-faced backlash over having “Twitter fingers”.

Prince Kaybee landed himself in quandary recently for creating “insensitive” comments on cyanogenic masculinity and gender-based violence.

“Unlike back within the day wherever DJs got ladies drunk and raped them, in recent years the increase of feminism got men culture aghast. Imagine ladies in their 40s telling their stories,” blue blood Kaybee wrote in an exceedingly Twitter post.

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