Prince Kaybee reacts to Uncle Waffles on Twitter ”They don’t verify upcoming artists”

Prince Kaybee reacts to Uncle Waffles being verified on Twitter before him

Prince Kaybee
Prince Kaybee

Award- winning DJ and music patron Prince Kaybee has replied to news that viral star Uncle Waffles has been vindicated by Twitter before him.

The news of Uncle Waffles being vindicated on Twitter got speeches wagging this week on the social media thoroughfares.

While numerous suckers have swamped her timeline with congratulatory dispatches, there have of course been just as numerous others questioning her vindicated status.

Prince Kaybee responded to the news after a Twitter stoner asked how Waffles was vindicated but not the “ Gugulethu” hitmaker.

The DJ sarcastically replied to the news, writing “ They do n’t corroborate forthcoming artists.”

Last month Uncle Waffles took social media by storm with her contagious cotillion moves as she deejayed in front of a packed crowd. This saw her come a celebrity overnight.

the videotape in question is sitting on further than four million views on Twitter, she’s earned the largely sought after follow from Canadian rapper Drake, and her Instagram following has jumped from just under 10k to further than 250k.

While having a blue crack next to your name on social media may not be a big deal for some, but it was commodity worth celebrating for Uncle Waffles.

The eSwatini native took to the Twitter thoroughfares and participated that she’s now a part of the “ vindicated girls worldwide”.

Since Uncle Waffles went viral her career has sky skyrocketed, she most lately performed in Ghana at an event called Amapiano and Brunch.

Her recent success has been met with a many commentary from naysayers, who questioned whether her success was due to “ enough honor” or not.

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