Popular hip-hop artist and MC stabbed to death in Randfontein

Popular hip-hop artist and MC stabbed to death in Randfontein

Popular hip-hop artist and MC stabbed to death in Randfontein
Popular hip-hop artist and MC stabbed to death in Randfontein

Popular hip-hop creative person and MHz injured to death in Randfontein
But his star was low-beam within the early hours of Sunday, twelve Dec once he was injured by a lady believed to be his stalker.

Oratile Keleketu was rush to the native clinic, however he was declared dead.

The family and friends of the 20-year-old from Mohlakeng in Randfontein, United Nations agency was higher familiar by his anonym Ghetto Boy, area unit still in disbelief concerning his passing.

Speaking to Daily Sun, Oratile’s friend aforesaid on the day Oratile died, they were walking back from an incident shortly from their kasi. He aforesaid they were drinking, however Oratile told them it absolutely was time to travel home.

“We were walking in teams and that i was walking with the cluster at the rear. The last item he aforesaid to USA was that we’d like to stay up as a result of it absolutely was dangerous to steer so much apart.

“I don’t acumen and why the words started, however there was associate degree argument between him and a lady he allegedly dated. after I got nearer to them, the woman had injured him with a screwdriver,” aforesaid the friend.

“It appeared this was one thing she planned. His brother was crying and couldn’t believe what happened. Oratile was lying terribly} pool of blood trying very weak,” he said.

The friend aforesaid they rush him to the clinic, wherever he was confirmed dead. Oratile’s family struggled to carry back their pain once they spoke to the People’s Paper.

His aunt, Portia Maselwa, United Nations agency raised him as her own once his mum’s death in 2006, expressed the pain of losing a toddler with a bright future.

“I don’t acumen we tend to area unit about to survive this. It feels therefore unreal. Oratile was such a captivated and multi-talented kid. He jogged my memory of his mother. He excelled at football game and recently got into music,” she said.

She aforesaid she received a decision within the early hours of Sunday morning from one in every of the buddies.

“My female offspring detected ME scream and wakened. She folded after I told her what happened. I managed to wake her up and that we rush to the clinic wherever Oratile was. we tend to already knew he was late as a result of they told ME over the phone, however I had to visualize for myself,” she said.

Portia aforesaid the pain she was feeling was intolerable.

“Oratile was a toddler. This lady is thirty with 2 kids. I don’t understand why she was harassing my kid. i attempted to seek out out the character of their relationship, and it clad she was stalking him.”

Oratile’s father, Molefi Motshwane, aforesaid he lost his relief.

“We were terribly shut. He was my initial kid and he perpetually confided in ME. we tend to supported and believed in his dreams as he was accountable. He told ME he wished a studio and that i recently bought him 2 speakers. we tend to were within the method of obtaining him a full set. I wished to visualize him go so much and his future looked terribly bright,” he said.

Captain Kay Makhubele aforesaid a murder case was opened, and therefore the suspect (30) was bust and can seem in court before long.


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