Pictures: Ntando Duma and ex-bae Junior De Rocka has Mzansi talking

Pictures: Ntando Duma and ex-bae Junior De Rocka has Mzansi talking

Ntando Duma announce photos of her operating together with her baby papa and Mzansi cannot stop talking. Taking to Instagram the actor announce her photos with the caption ‘Good times and fun times with smart individuals individuals.

Mzansi loves the very fact that these 2 area unit operating along. The comments on the post show some appreciation for Sbahle’s oldsters. Here area unit a number of the comments and likes:

Frame five papa got his tongue out😜

Parents operating along love love love 😍

Ncawwwww u and junior again❤️❤️. oldsters oldsters

The rents at work 👏🔥😍

Abazali 😍😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️.U guys look thus smart along along

Ohhhhhh swty u doing it together with your baby’s papa papa

In 2018 Ntando admitted that she thought she would be with Junior Diamond State Rocka forever. The couple split whn thenactress was expecting their kid along.

“I am glad that I will discuss it currently as a result of initially i used to be thus crazy and in denial. as a result of he was my initial, i actually thought he would be my last. I saw a future with Junior. sadly things didn’t calculate,” Ntando same.

Their split appeared friendly till Ntando took to Twitter occupation her ex a deadbeat. Her fury was sparked by the donation created by Junior wherever he given computers, Wi-Fi routers, hygienical things and letter paper to a college in KwaZulu Natal. The actor from the Queen same her baby papa had ne’er given their girl such necessities.

She conjointly listed her necessities love concerning R20 000 that she required for his or her girl. In response Junior denied all allegations. thus now her fans area unit glad to check her in smart terms together with her baby papa. With the 2 operating along several area unit questioning if these area unit early steps to their reunion.