Photos: Inside Relebogile Mabotja’s beautiful Baby Shower

Photos: Inside Relebogile Mabotja’s beautiful Baby Shower

Relebogile Mabotja
Relebogile Mabotja

TV and radio temperament Relebogile Mabotja proclaimed her maternity stylish last month by gracing the duvet of Batswadi magazine and she or he has been sharing the lovable snaps of her baby bump ever since.

This weekend the star gave her fans a sneak peek within her gorgeous baby shower. She same she saw it acceptable her to own her baby shower on the ultimate month of her maternity.

The first day of my final month! applicable manner for my tribe to place along this superb celebration for my baby’s life and my baby shower! She wrote sharing cute snaps on Instagram.

Revealing her prime three things on her baby shower written account list throughout her chat with Batswadi magazine some weeks past, Relebogile said: “top three things on my baby shower written account list square measure a house, a fund and college fees for my kid, yah let’s go big! why not?”

She same the dos and don’ts for her baby shower are: “It needs to be fun. They don’t is; don’t build it not fun. I’d prefer to build it inclusive as a result of such a big amount of folks in my life are excluded from my maternity. I’m additionally simply about to allow them to run with it Associate in Nursingd not essentially build it an Instagram thing…but additional of connecting with the community and also the tribe that’s gonna be kinswoman and uncle to my baby.”

Speaking regarding mama content she same her favorite platforms for mama content square measure Instagram and Tik Tok.

“Oh my gosh! mama content, therefore Instagram undoubtedly has superb mama content. however the place that I’ve been finding that the majority mama content has truly been on Tik Tok.” She said. “There’s a great deal of parenting hashtags, kid therapists, babyhood development specialists WHO square measure posting simply completely different techniques to doing several things, from maternity stage to newborn, to toddler. therefore i used to be stunned as a result of I didn’t expect that from Tik Tok. There square measure such a big amount of resources then abundant info there,” she told Batswadi magazine.

She additionally shared that her baby can presumably have his own social media page.

Last month Relebogile took to social media to reveal the gender of her baby boy. Here square measure the lovable snaps of her huge revelation.

In March, Relebogile was named one amongst Avance Media’s 2020 one hundred Most influential Young South Africans.

She said: “I’m honored to be recognized as Associate in Nursing influential young South African for the work that I’m doing with my foundation. It’s nice to be recognized for one thing that I’m therefore addicted to and to convey RM Foundation a platform. 2020 was a tremendous year of recognition on behalf of me. currently it’s back to figure.”